TableCheck and Michelin Guide announce partnership

TableCheck online reservations are now available at Michelin Guide's official website



Apr 17, 2023 - 2 min read

TableCheck and Michelin Guide announce partnership

TableCheck, a global restaurant booking and guest experience platform used by 8,000 restaurants globally and connects consumers with restaurants, has announced an official partnership with the Michelin Guide.

TableCheck is the only company in Japan to have this official collaboration with the world-renowned Michelin Guide, led by President Gen Sudo and operated by Michelin Tire Japan, Ltd.

First official collaboration in Japan

The seamless integration allows diners to book their favorite Michelin restaurants 24/7

Through this partnership, guests can conveniently make online reservations at Michelin-listed restaurants directly from the official Michelin Guide website. 

This eliminates the challenges of language barriers and time differences and makes it easier for overseas guests to make reservations at renowned Michelin-listed restaurants in Japan, which are popular among food enthusiasts around the world.

With TableCheck available in 18 languages, more overseas guests can enjoy a seamless online reservation experience, and this in turn is expected to attract inbound customers. 

Aside from its reservation and customer management system for restaurants, TableCheck has also established "TableCheck Channels”. This mechanism links the reservation function with external partners such as the Michelin Guide, sending quality guests to restaurants worldwide.

If a restaurant is currently listed on the official Michelin Guide website and is using the TableCheck reservation page, the reservation acceptance function will be linked and a reservation button will be displayed on the official Michelin website. Users visiting the official Michelin website will then be able to go to the restaurant's official reservation page and complete their reservations online.

Reservations made through the official Michelin website don't attract any service fee, and all guest transfer fees are covered.

In the future, we will gradually expand to include overseas restaurants using TableCheck.

Michelin Guide and TableCheck partnership

More than 40% of Michelin restaurants in Japan now use TableCheck

Since launching its reservation and customer management system in October 2013, TableCheck has been used by many hotel restaurants and fine dining establishments. 

More than 237+ restaurants, or more than 40% of all Michelin-starred restaurants in Japan, use TableCheck, making it the industry leader. The portal features eateries in Nara, Osaka/Kyoto, and Tokyo. The service is offered in 18 different languages and has features like contactless payment and efficient cancellation protection using credit card data.

“The first official collaboration with the Michelin Guide in Japan will enable us to connect more guests globally with Japanese restaurants. With our partnership with Michelin Guide, we will be able to connect more guests globally with restaurants in Japan,” TableCheck CEO Yu Taniguchi says.

“We have introduced many guests to Japanese restaurants through our partners in Japan and abroad. We believe that it will become even more important for the Japanese restaurant industry in the future to connect guests and restaurants online without language barriers," he adds.

"We will continue to strive to be the only platform in Japan that can connect the best customers globally to the best restaurants."

Japan as a culinary destination

After Japan reopened its borders to international travelers last October 2022, the number of reservations by inbound visitors has continued to increase.

This shows that many international guests are looking forward to dining at Japanese restaurants. The number of reservations is expected to rise even further once restrictions on Chinese immigration are eased in the future, making it essential to adopt inbound measures to effectively attract diners and secure reservations.

About TableCheck

TableCheck is a restaurant tech company that was founded in Japan in 2011. Today it operates in 32 countries and has flagship offices in South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates (UAE), with offices in Tokyo (HQ) and Osaka in Japan. Currently, TableCheck has over 8,000+ clients worldwide, including 200+ award-winning Michelin restaurants.

Guided by our mission ‘Dining Connected’, we are a platform that connects restaurants worldwide with their customers. Utilizing technology and our best-in-class features, we aim to pioneer the next generation of Japanese omotenashi hospitality. The company's primary services are a reservation and customer management system for restaurants, a restaurant search and reservation portal site for users, and a marketing platform through our EDM software. TableCheck provides real-time availability information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for restaurants and users. This feature aims to enhance the overall restaurant experience.

This press release has been updated in June 2023.

What we do

Let TableCheck manage your restaurant while you focus on growing your business and delivering what you do best – creating magical moments for your guests.
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What we do
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