Top restaurants to book for a special Mother's Day celebration Down Under

From a fine dining experience to a high-tea set, discover where to celebrate Mother’s Day in Australia this year



May 9, 2023 - 4 min read

Top restaurants to book for a special Mother's Day celebration Down Under

Initially an American holiday, Mother’s Day was first celebrated in Australia as a part of a Methodist church’s special service in 1910. It was not until 1924, however, that the commemoration became more widespread and started to incorporate gift-gifting.

Although Mother’s Day has a long history in Australia, it is not an official public holiday. However, it's a tradition that has been observed in the country for decades and it's one of the surefire ways that restaurants Down Under can maximize their bookings and profit for 2023.

On Mother's Day this year, here are some great restaurants where families can book to show their appreciation to their mothers.


The richest city in Australia, Sydney is the home of restaurant goers who is willing to spend big bucks to receive that exclusive experience, as stated by Breheny and Boys. Find out where the Sydneysiders are taking their mothers this Mother’s Day.

Sailmaker at Hyatt Regency Sydney

Located in the heart of Sydney, Hyatt Regency Sydney is one of the largest premium hotels in the city. Not just a regular hotel, this global venue also offers visitors upscale dining experiences. Among them is Sailmaker, which boasts of its high-end experiences and its refined menu of Australia’s best ingredients.

Working with local fishermen and farmers, this restaurant serves its best seafood through its Seafood lunch and dinner buffet which includes Sake marinated mussels, Lamb shoulder, rogan stew, coriander for its hot course, gourmet salads, and beverage options for Mother’s Day.

Artisaint Pattiserie at Crowne Plaza Burwood

Although Australians are known for their love of coffee, according to Mudandgee, 50% of the population drink at least one cup of tea each week with the majority of people who do so are women. Moreover, among those tea lovers, Sydney is one of the two cities in Australia that celebrate tea festivals annually. These give all the reason to bring mothers to a fun high tea experience.

Inspired by European cuisine, Artisaint is an all-day breakfast and lunch cafe. It will be serving a choice of Sparkling Wine High Tea, Champagne High Tea or a Traditional High Tea set this Mother’s Day. All sets will include traditional scones, sandwiches, and the cafe’s aesthetic French pastries.


Known as Australia’s culinary capital, Melbourne’s food scene is flavorful and diverse. From French pastries to Chinese cuisine, Melbourne chefs are known for their use of local produce to create fine flavors that are all uniquely Melbournian.

Bistro Voliére

Known for bringing French to the most Europe-centric city in Australia, Bistro Voliére is opening its door to families celebrating Mother’s Day this year.

Located near the coastal area, the restaurant offers its customer the perfect blend of dining and activities. After devouring the Mother’s Day 4-course lunch or dinner special, guests can take a stroll along the beach or explore the nearby attractions. This makes the restaurant an ideal spot for families looking to create unforgettable Mother's Day memories.

Tea Garden

The purpose of Mother's Day is to celebrate the work of mothers who are the hearts of their homes. A hot meal of Chinese Dim Sum at Tea Garden in Melbourne represents the fruits of that labor.

Home of premium authentic Chinese food, the restaurant presents visitors with classic dishes, such as prawn dumplings, pork buns, or chicken feet. Alternatively, they can give their mother something more special such as pre-ordered freshly caught seafood.


Reflecting their warm Australian climate and beach cultures, Brisbane’s cuisine is built around mainstream Australian dishes. It is not surprising to see choices of restaurants with rich historical backgrounds and cuisines with international influences.

Walnut Restaurant

Having been serving food for over 50 years, the Walnut Restaurant prides itself on its services and menus that suit the diverse taste of Queenslanders.

Located at the Royal on the Park Hotel and Suites, The Walnut Restaurant provides a different experience for each visit as it serves a seasonal menu that celebrates the city’s festivity. The historical restaurant has a range of Group menus, a LyreBird lunch that can be complemented by its thoughtful beverage list plus a Royal High Tea set.

Lennons Restaurant & Bar

A well-known brand with a rich history of serving famous VIPs such as Alexander Graham Bell and The Beatles is now extending its special treatment to mothers in Brisbane.

Originally established as a hotel in 1884, the Lennons Restaurant & Bar has a long-standing reputation for excellence. Now, the history continues as former Sydney Opera House chef Krisztian Herczig is leading the kitchen.

This Mother’s Day, the restaurant is serving seasonal foods that are packed as a three-course meal for lunch. Not just that, mothers will have a special treat with a complimentary glass of local wine.


Perth is the capital of Western Australia and boasts award-winning restaurants and fine-dining hatted restaurants. The city's dining scene is diverse and vibrant with new restaurants popping up.

Cafe at Hyatt Regency Perth

Cafe restaurant is eight times winner of the Gold Plate awards. But beyond its fresh and elegant food, the restaurant also offers a unique and entertaining dining experience. While enjoying the food in the form of a buffet, A la Carte, or course menu, the visitors can also enjoy three interactive dining experiences.

As one of the five elegant restaurants located at the Hyatt Regency Perth, Cafe Restaurant is also the perfect venue to celebrate Mother's Day. Guests can be a part of the festivities at the hotel while savoring the delectable offerings from this award-winning restaurant.

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