Everything you need to know to find the best restaurant booking platform

Reduce cost, boost sales and improve guest satisfaction in your restaurant with a reservation system that answers all your needs



Feb 17, 2022 - 3 min read

Everything you need to know to find the best restaurant booking platform

A restaurant booking platform is essential for the success of a restaurant business.

It should fit the business but can also integrate with the restaurant's existing systems. For hospitality operators, outsourcing this service rather than developing their own is the best option to save time and money.

A company like TableCheck has dedicated years and time building applications for the hospitality industry to solve this operational task so that owners and operators can dedicate more time to giving their guests the best experience at their restaurant.

How to implement a new booking service

Using a reservation system service is a relatively easy way to implement an online booking platform without extra costs. Here are the steps that restaurant owners can follow to onboard an online reservation platform in their venues.

  • Contact a reservation system vendor

  • View demos and trials to see if the tool is a good match for your store.

  • Select a reservation system and officially apply

  • Start using the application after setting up the system according to each venue

The functions of a particular reservation system tool vary depending on the company that provides it, so the key is to choose the right tool or service for your business.

Staff checks online booking on a screen

Points to consider when choosing an online reservation system

There are many advantages to using an online reservation system, such as allowing customers to make reservations after business hours. However, here are a few points to keep in mind:

Regular maintenance will be required with additional costs

There are costs involved in the implementation of an online reservation system. However, developing an in-house reservation system would be more expensive.

In addition, private customer information is kept within the reservation system, so regular and updated maintenance will be necessary to make sure that the security of the system is well protected.

Reservation platforms will not immediately increase customer attraction

The primary purpose of implementing an online reservation system is to improve business efficiency by reducing the workload involved in managing operations.

If your goal is to improve your overall sales in addition to your business efficiency, you must choose a reservation platform that is user experience-oriented.

A woman shows an online booking reservation on her Ipad

Prioritize user experience

Just having a reservation management system is not enough. If the system is difficult to use, it will, in fact, inconvenience the customers further. If customers have a hard time completing their reservation, they will either resort to calling the restaurant or canceling their plan altogether, which will only harm the business.

A platform that is easy for staff to use and manage is crucial for maintaining customer retention for both old and new customers.

Customize the reservation platform to suit your customer base

The reservation system service should have the following features to help restaurants have a better guest booking journey: multilingual support, reservation reminder function via SMS or e-mail, customer management function, and cashless payment function.

TableCheck is an all-in-one booking platform that is easy to use and has all the features above. It helps enhance restaurant daily operations, synchronize guest information, and implement real-time table status–all the things that businesses need to boost their revenue and increase guest satisfaction.

TableCheck is an all-in-one booking and guest platform
TableCheck is an all-in-one booking and guest platform

What to watch out for when choosing an online reservation system

Online reservation systems are offered by a variety of companies. Switching between services can cost restaurants a lot of time and money. Here are four points that will help restaurant owners choose the best reservation platform for their business:

Check if the booking platform is easy-to-use

When choosing a booking system, the most important point to consider is its ease of use. Check if it is possible to set detailed booking rules for individual venues and if it allows for a wide range of follow-up services in times of cancellations and other issues.

Some questions to ask are:

  1. Can it link to POS to automatically record a customer’s order history?

  2. Can it link with external services and SNS, for example, Google and Instagram?

  3. Does it have a cashless payment function?

  4. How much detail and information can be recorded in the platform, and can the necessary fields be customized?

  5. How many payment gateways and OTAs does it support?

  6. Does it have the ability to gather guest data and in-depth analytics?

  7. And most important of all, does it have a transparent policy in regard to who owns the guest data?

With the TableCheck platform, restaurants can create guest data that they own and control. TableCheck Insight allows them to make better-informed business decisions using advanced data analytics.

Check for anti-cancellation features

Cancellation prevention measures are also important features to look for. Losses in revenue caused by unauthorized cancellations can be reduced with the implementation of a secure and effective anti-cancellation reservation system.

Of course, in the unlikely event of sudden cancellation, cancellation fees can be easily requested in accordance with the cancellation policy the restaurant has communicated at the time of booking.

TableCheck recommends restaurants ask their customers to enter their credit card information in advance at the time of reservation as a cancellation prevention measure, since restaurants will then be able to fine cancellations fees without having to contact the customer. Online booking platforms can also store guest data that can be useful for cancellation preventions, such as declining customers who have a history of cancellations.

Look for free trials

Outsourcing an online reservation system means paying for the initial fee the first time around in addition to the monthly fee. The price will vary according to the company and the features of their products, so it is best to inquire about the fee in advance.

Some companies offer a free trial. If you are unsure about which reservation system to use, consider a free trial, but be aware that the trial version often has limited functions.

Check for relevant case studies

Companies often have case studies of the services they provide. Reading such case studies will be helpful in determining whether the product will be well-suited for a particular restaurant. 

Find out if there are restaurants that have implemented an online booking service and if there are any examples of venues in your area that are similar to the type and scale of your business.

The benefits of online reservation systems are not limited to operational efficiency, but can also lead to cost reduction and improved customer satisfaction. Customers can make reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which maximizes the number of reservations that can be made both during and outside of business hours. 

Hospitality owners should research the cost, features, and case studies of the online reservation system they are interested in, and make sure that it is a platform that fits the needs and demands of their particular business.

TableCheck is the no. 1 restaurant reservation and customer management platform in the world. Learn how TableCheck can help your business by reading through the core features or requesting a demo today. 

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