How can restaurants drive revenue on World Bartender Day?

Learn how restaurants may increase their profits on February 24 in honor of World Bartender Day



Feb 20, 2024 - 3 min read

How can restaurants drive revenue on World Bartender Day?

Across the globe, every year on February 24th, restaurants and pubs honor the bartending geniuses who keep the drinks flowing. The idea for World Bartender Day was first hatched, not too many years back at a cocktail competition held in New Zealand. Since then, hospitality businesses have held annual celebrations to pay homage to the bartender community.

Bartending, as a profession, has an intriguing history. Bartending was looked down upon until the rise to fame of American bartender Jerry Thomas in the 19th century. The success of Jerry Thomas and a few other notable bartenders changed the public's perspective of the industry from one that was despised to one that is celebrated for its creativity.

Today, the youth is considering bartending as a potential career path. For a good reason, too. The sale of alcoholic beverages accounts for a sizable portion of revenue at most hospitality businesses and makes the bartender's role crucial. Moreover, alcohol plays a significant role in improving overall guest satisfaction. It has been observed that restaurants that sell alcohol not only have more robust patronage but the customers leave the premises with an overall better perception of the restaurant. 

As bartenders significantly impact earnings and customer experience, it stands to reason that they deserve a day of recognition: World Bartender Day. Even better, bars and restaurants can make a day of it by doing a few things that honor their bartenders, attract more customers, and enhance the whole guest experience.

1. Create World Bartender Day special cocktails to pair with patrons' preferred pica pica and meals

On Bartender Day, restaurants and pubs can celebrate the inventiveness of their bartenders by debuting new cocktail menus or introducing new drinks. Restaurants can take it a step further by offering combo meals that match well-liked delicacies with drinks. Sobagaki and sake (Japan), Yam Kun Chiang and beer (Thailand), or avocado toast with a nice cocktail are examples of such booze and meal offers. The combined sales of alcohol and perishable goods boost the bottom line through these promotions.

2. Host mixology classes

Mixology workshops are a fun activity that restaurants can offer their patrons, allowing them to learn how to make a Bloody Mary while having a wonderful time. To ensure that restaurants can generate a profit, they must charge a fee for the workshop. If the restaurant is a client of a booking platform such as Tablecheck, they will be able to alert their patrons one to two weeks in advance of the workshop by sending out an email announcing the event. 

Restaurant bar manager

3. Partner with local liquor brands

The day also presents a good opportunity for the restaurant to collaborate with local liquor brands. Liquor companies could be interested in becoming partners for several reasons: to drive on-premises sales, to promote sampling, and to register brand recall, or all three. The collaboration can manifest in various forms. Pairing a signature dish with a rose provided by your local liquor partner is an excellent example of collaborative activity.

4. Create an EDM marketing campaign ahead of D-Day

Whether it's a mixology lesson or a liquor brand partnership, let your patrons know about World Bartender Day events. No matter how much time and effort was spent on preparations, spreading the word is the most crucial phase. Sending the first email two weeks in advance and then a reminder or two will help guests prepare for their visit.

The TableCheck EDM feature, allows restaurants to send personalized emails to guests automatically. A stylish, colorful email with the workshop's date, time, and fee would be perfect for advertising a fun cocktail class.

5. Offer discounted drinks or happy hour specials

If restaurants don’t want to plan extensively for an event on Bartender’s day, they can celebrate the day with discounted drinks or happy hours. Happy hours are a great way to bring in new customers and delight returning ones, which is a win-win for both the restaurant and its clientele. Discounts on booze are another way for businesses to entice customers if running a happy-hours promo is not feasible. Customers should be made aware of the price reduction and happy hours via email so they can plan their visits accordingly.

6. Collaborate with other restaurants or bars

There is room for restaurants to work together to provide guests with exciting new experiences on Bartender’s day. Jointly hosting a pub crawl with other drinking establishments can turn into a lucrative collaboration that will excite guests into joining in large numbers. Customers who pay the tour price can sample signature drinks, house beer, wine, and maybe even food from a set menu from each participating establishment. 

Restaurants can also host a bartender showdown by inviting competitors from nearby watering holes to their premises. Again, guests would have to pay a fee to see bartenders do their magic, try out the drinks they made, and then vote for the best drink of the evening.

7. Introduce and celebrate your staff – Give them the spotlight

As this is a day dedicated to saluting those who work behind the bar, it seems fitting to highlight and appreciate their contributions. The bartending staff can be featured in the restaurant’s social media posts along with photos, bios, and highlights of the bartenders' professional and personal lives. The manager can give the bartenders a public shoutout by introducing them to the patrons. In addition to that, the bar can have some special decorations for the occasion.

Below, Charles H, an award-winning bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in South Korea, features its Head bartender Odd Strandbakken on their Instagram account. Charles H is a ranked no. 7 in the 2022 Asia's Best Bars.

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