Reservar en Itsuki Chaya Arashiyama Honten

*Please be sure to arrive at the store at least 5 minutes before your reservation time*
▶Due to other customers' reservations, if more than 10 minutes have passed from the reservation time, the reservation will be automatically canceled.
*During busy times, it will be very difficult to connect by phone, so please be sure to wake up before your reservation time.
▶If you cancel without notice on the day of your reservation, you will be charged 100% of the cost of the meal for each person as a cancellation fee.

Payment at the store is cash only.

▶When making a reservation, you will need to register your credit card. *Since this is not an advance payment, we will conduct a credit check with a 50 yen debit. ▶Payment has not been completed with the card registered at the time of reservation. Please pay in cash on the day.
▶If you are making a reservation for 7 or more people, please divide the reservation into 3 or 4 people.
▶If children will be eating the same menu as adults, please enter the number as the number of adults.
▶Seating time is limited to 50 minutes per group.
▶ Regarding menu changes, we will be changing to a winter menu from December 25th.
▶Currently accepting reservations until January 31st. *We will be open as usual during the year-end and New Year holidays. *We will be closed on January 16th.

*We only accept reservations for the Arashiyama main store. If you are using Fushimi Inari store, Pontocho store, or Shimizu store, please select from the tab above. Contact us on Instagram:
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