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For parties greater than 6 persons, please reserve by email at or call (+852) 2643 6800.

Dining Etiquette: Our Chefs are committed to providing a wonderful dining experience. When dining at our Main sushi counter or Private room, kindly respect other guests, thank you for your understanding.
# Please refrain from taking videos and talking on your phone when dining with us. (Photo-taking is welcomed)
# Please refrain from placing any items except mobile phones on the sushi counters (especially cigarettes/e-cigarettes)
# Please refrain from using excessive perfume

Children Policy: Children 12 years old and above are welcome to dine at the Main Sushi Counter. Children under 12 are only allowed to dine in our Private Room.

Seating Options: Main sushi counter with Head Chef Kakinuma / Private room with Sous Chef Kawamura. (Please confirm your seating preference below)

Menu: Raw fish and shellfish are key ingredients, we do not serve meals without raw food. We also do not offer vegetarian or gluten free menus. For any dietary restrictions, please inform us in advance.

Meal Duration: Lunch session 12:30-2:00pm / Dinner sessions 6:00-8:00pm & 8:30-10:30pm.

Punctuality: To enjoy the Full Omakase experience please be punctual.
# For late arrival of 30 minutes: Missed courses will not be served.
# For late arrival of 1 hour: No food will be served and "Full Omakase price plus 10% service charge" will be charged.

Dress Code: Smart casual / elegant (Male guests no open-toed shoes).

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations or revisions made 3 days or more in advance of the seating time will incur no charge. For cancellations / revisions made within 3 days from seating time, 50% of the Omakase price will be charged. For same day cancellations / revisions, no shows, less persons or late arrivals over 1 hour (no food will be served), the "Full Omakase price plus 10% service charge" will be charged per person.

Corkage Policy: Guests are allowed to bring sake, red/white wine and champagne only.
(Guests are NOT allowed: to bring bottles with alcohol level over 20% or bring own wine glasses.)

HK$750 per bottle of 750ml or below; HK$1,000 per bottle of 1.8L.
# For 1 to 3 guests, you may bring 1 bottle of 750ml
# For 4 to 5 guests, you may bring up to 2 bottles of 750ml OR 1 bottle of 1.8L
# For 6 guests or more, you may bring up to 3 bottles of 750ml OR 2 bottles of 1.8L

Cake-Cutting Fee: HK$300 per cake.

[If you'd like to deliver Wines, Flowers or Cakes to our restaurant in advance, kindly note our opening hours are 11:30am-3:00pm or after 5:00pm, thank you.]


Do you (and your guests) have any food allergies or special dietary restrictions? (Raw fish and shellfish are key ingredients, we do not serve meals without raw food. We also do not offer vegetarian or gluten free menus. Only a maximum of 3 items can be changed in the menu, for any dietary restrictions please inform us in advance. )
Your hotel name in Hong Kong (if applicable)?
(For Dinner Session Only) If you are celebrating birthday / anniversary for dinner, please give us the name of the birthday / anniversary person(s).

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