Забронируйте в Maruta

Thank you for visiting our reservation page.

We accept reservations up to two months in advance.

We also accept buy out reservations for private parties of 8 people or more on weekdays only.
Please contact us by email or phone.

<red>『Maruta Re-launch announcement』
Maruta will re-launch on June 12 (Sat) with new lunch and dinner courses only on weekends.
Please note that the restaurant will be closed from June 1 (Tue) to June 11 (Fri).


<Business Days>
Saturdays and Sundays only

<Opening hours>
Doors open at 11:30 a.m.

Doors open at sunset
Hours vary depending on the season.
(For example, doors open at 18:00 in June)

¥18,000 per person (including tax and service charge)
Drinks not included

On the day of your reservation, an array of drinks will be available at the counter for guests to choose according to their preference.

The menu consists of about 10 courses using seasonal ingredients.

A kid's plate is available for elementary school age children.
If you wish, please select it when making your reservation.
There are no restrictions on children visiting the restaurant, however, we do not provide baby chairs.


<Please note about reservations>.
◾️Some courses are designed to be shared by a group.
We ask that you please understand this.

◾️Since the menu is made up of seasonal ingredients, we do not accept changes to the menu due to allergies or dietary preferences.
We ask for your understanding.

◾️The starting time for dinner is based on sunset.
Please try to arrive at the restaurant at the time of your reservation.

◾️Reservations are accepted up to two months in advance, and should be confirmed at least three days prior to your visit.

◾️For those coming to the restaurant by car
We do not have a parking lot on site.
We recommend that you use the nearby parking lots or take public transportation.
Please note that the parking lots around the restaurant are very crowded.
Please allow plenty of time for your visit.

◾️Our restaurant has an edible garden called Jindaiji Garden.
During the summer season, the garden is overgrown with herbs and plants that tickle the nose with a variety of aromas that can only be experienced during this season.
We do not spray herbicides or insecticides, so insects can live in harmony with us.
Especially from the rainy season to the end of autumn, insect bites are a given.
We have prepared homemade insect repellent, but we recommend that you bring a jacket to avoid exposing your skin.

◾️Cancellation Policy 
If cancelled within one day of the reservation, 100% of the fee will be charged.

◾️We do not accept reservations via email or SNS.
We only accept reservations through our website or by phone.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Please contact us at the email address below.

Tel. 042-444-3511
Reservation by Phone Hours 
Wednesday - Friday 11:00 - 18:00


Closed on Monday and Tuesday
12 лет и младше
2 лет и младше


For food safety reasons, please fill in this form if you have any allergies.
However, please note that, as we use seasonal ingredients in our courses, we do not accept changes to the menu due to allergies or dietary preferences.
We do not offer plates or cakes for birthdays or anniversaries.
A small bouquet of flowers is available upon request.
Please indicate how many bouquets you would like below.
If you have any other questions, please fill in the form below.

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