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《Regarding our virus countermeasures》 At the "Tankuma Kita Main Store", as a measure to ensure that customers can use our store with a little peace of mind, from May 6, the service staff will use "Nanosol CC" to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Prevention of contact infection with viruses and bacteria such as influenza. Wearing a mask prevents droplet infection during reception. We have reopened our business with an Ionian card in an effort to prevent airborne infections. We hope that you will continue to patronize the Tankuma Kita store in the future. [Notice of change of business hours] In response to the decision by Kyoto Prefecture to ease the shortening of business hours, we will change our business hours to normal from Thursday, May 21st. ▶︎Lunch 12:00-15:00 (Last order 13:30) ▶︎Dinner 17:30-22:00 (Last order 19:30) 〇 Reservation 〇 We do not recommend using debit cards or prepaid cards. If you use a debit card, it will be debited immediately and refunded after you visit the store (refunds may take several weeks). Please pay for your food and drink at the store you use on the day. ●In order to prevent cancellation without contact, we ask for your credit card information at the time of reservation. ●Payment will not be made at the stage of reservation. Please pay at the time of checkout. ● Our shop is "Tankuma Kita store head office". It is not "Honke Tankuma", so please do not make a mistake. ● We do not have a dedicated parking lot or affiliated parking lot, so please use a nearby parking lot when you come by car. ● The posted photo is an image photo. Please note that the contents may change depending on the purchase situation. 〇 About cancellation fee 〇 ● We will charge as follows.・Cancellation 3 days before: 30% of the fee ・Cancellation 2 days before: 50% of the fee ・Cancellation the day before: 70% of the fee ・Cancellation on the day: 100% of the fee increase.・Cancellations made on answering machines, e-mails, and store holidays will not be accepted. Telephone reception is available from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm on business days. Click here for other inquiries ✉
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